Global partners of: EPCglobal® is leading the development of industry-driven standards for the Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) to support the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in today's fast-moving, information rich, trading networks.
SAP® Solutions • Meet Compliance Requirements: SATO printers integrate with the SAP® system allowing SAP® users access to data from enterprise applications used to print barcode & RFID labels.
SATO Cerner's Millennium Solutions: SATO's CG2 and CG4 series of printers have been certified for use with Cerner's Millennium solution, a platform of health care data management tools.

SATO Cerner Solutions

SATO collaborates with industry partners to provide value through AIDC solutions to various markets, including Healthcare. SATO’s MB4i, CG Series and most recently, WS4 series are validated by Cerner for use within Cerner Health IT system:

WS4 Series

SATO WS4 compact desktop label printers are fully Cerner Validated peripheral devices for native use within Cerner health IT system to ensure safety, quality and efficacy for patients.

SATO WS4 printers are designed for wide use through the health care supply chain, notably for printing of patient wristbands, specimen pathology labels and other labels used in hospitals. They can be deployed through various legs of the supply chain from clinical labs to pharmacies, medical check-up centers, clinics and hospitals.

SATO is a GS1 Healthcare member and works to promote widespread serialization through the global health care supply chain to ensure patient safety and comfort. 

>> Download WS4 Printer Datasheet   
CG2 & CG4 Series

SATO's CG2 and CG4 series of printers have been certified for use with Cerner's Millennium solution, a platform of healthcare data management tools The Millennium platform includes applications such as SurgiNet which automates patient information sharing for surgical teams, and FirstNet which helps automate Emergency Department workflows.

The certification of the CG2 and CG4 series allows SATO to provide accurate and reliable printing that is required of a robust healthcare IT solution.

For the Healthcare industry, SATO CG printers is used to print:
  • Wristbands
  • Various medical labels
    • Samples
    • Test Tubes / Blood Tubes
    • Waste
    • Prescription / Medication
    • ID Cards 

>> Download CG2 Printer Datasheet
>> Download CG4 Printer Datasheet