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Lessons in Saving time with RFID!

Organizations and sectors have made vast investments in improving their systems for "minimal human intervention" annually. By computerizing the systems, huge amount of savings can be made and staffs can be freed from their daily routine responsibility to attend to roles that requires more human interactions.

However, the biggest challenges for libraries to achieve the above goal is the amount of time required for integrating into the existing processes along with the high costs incurred.

SATO's RFID solution is the counter to the above challenges with minimal integration at a low cost.

Step 1 – Creating RFID Tags  
CL4NX Printer   
Transform your existing library into a RFID-enabled network easily with SATO’s CL4NX printer and high quality RFID barcode labels.  
Mobile Retrospective Encoder   
For ease of convenience, librarians can also use Mobile Retrospective Encoder (pushcart with printer and scanner) to create RFID barcode labels anywhere in the library.  
Step 2 – Tracking  
Mobile Scanning Unit   
The unit consist of a handheld wand and Samsung S3 Mini mobile phone and allows librarians to know exactly what items are in the library at any given time.
The Mobile scanning unit can also be used to check in or out items anywhere in the library.
In addition, it can be used to conduct stock take or switching all RFID tags to “on” after initial tagging has been completed.
Self Loan Station   
Specially designed to provide libraries with 100% self check-out by offering patrons with an attractive, easy to use, intuitive check process.  
Security Gates   
With its excellent 3-dimensional read range, RFID tags can be identified in any orientation, providing a very high detection rate.
These security gates double its usage as an advertising platform for inserting advertisements in its transparent slot.
Step 3 – Managing Returned Books  
Return Chute   
Operating around the clock, patrons can return multiple items even when library is closed.
Automatic itemized receipts will be printed as a proof of returns.
Smart Bin   
Upon receiving the items from the chute into the smart bin, items will immediately be read and checks in to prevent any unnecessary overdue charges.  
Sort Assistant   
By providing library staff with color coded information, sort assistant is used for sorting each item to its correct destination easily and accurately.

Step 4 – Monitoring  
Management Console   
Management Console is the software used to offer library staffs access to all RFID equipment in the network.
Reports such as patron borrowing trends, returns statistic etc can be easily generated via the Management console.

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