Food Safety Solution – Expiry Date Indication

Food Safety Made Easy

SATO, being a leader in Auto-ID industry, believes that food safety regulations should be implemented easily and error-free. As such, Food Establishments can concentrate on their core business in producing the tastiest food to the consumers.

With SATO’s DateRightTM Labelling solution, Food Establishments can eliminate “Hand Written” operation, which in return, helps you save time and reduces human error. This is equivalent to approximately S$500 of savings per month! With SATO’s Food Safety Solution, you can now say goodbye to illegible handwritten labels.




In additional, kitchen staffs need not memorise and calculate the expiry date of each food item. Now, anyone can create expiry labels easily with SATO TH2 with a few presses of buttons. SATO understands that each Food Establishment has a different business nature and therefore we have a specialised team who can customise to your labelling requirements!

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