• Easy to use without the need for any specialized tools.
  • Economic solution for cleaning print head, platen roller and all paper pathways.
  • Safe and effective cleaning and maintenance solution.
  • Complemented with IPA solution for a more effective cleaning.
  • Extend the life of the print head.
  • Improve printer quality and legibility.
  • An emergency maintenance product to correct poor print jobs.



Cleaning Card – Waffletechnology®¹

Made of lint-free material laminated to a plastic core for strength, the Waffle Cleaning Card comes with the Waffletechnology®consisting of raise platforms that allow the card to safely and effectively clean and remove the unreachable areas.



Cleaning Card - Flat

Designed to safely and effectively to remove all dirt, ink, tape and adhesive residue and other contaminants from the thermal print head, paper guides and paper pathways. The Thermal Printing Cleaning card utilizes a soft fabric embedded into a plastic core to create a pre-saturated disposable product.



Cleaning Pen

Swipe the cleaning pen across the entire print head surface to remove dirt, ink, tape and adhesive residue and other contaminants. This pen can be used every time a new roll of label, thermal paper or ribbon stock is needed. Clean the pen tip by wiping it across on a clean paper surface and the pen can be repeatedly used to clean the thermal print head surface necessarily. 


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Waffletechnology is an official trademark of the Manufacturer.