SATO is a leader in barcode printing solutions for over two decades. 
We are recognized for delivering rugged dependability and reliable performance throughout our product line. 
Our range of printers includes direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, RFID Smart printers, OEM print engines, 10.5-inch wide web printers, printer accessories, label design software, labels, and thermal transfer ribbons. 

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Printer Range

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SATO's industrial-strength printers offer high quality printing even in the harshest environments.

CL6NX   CL4NX   M84Pro Series 
Features : Easy maintenance & user-friendly   

Features: Easy maintenance & user-friendly 

Features : Heat resistant labels 

Used for: Printing GHS label   

Used for: RFID & normal Labels   Used for: Metal industry 
  HR2   M10e (10.5 Inch Label)
  Features : High precision printing on small labels Features : Automatic label loading function    
 Used for: Labels on small bottle Used for: Printing GHS label     

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Compact and Desktop printers from SATO are space saving and extremely user friendly.

CG2 Series (2Inch Label)  CG4 Series (4Inch Label)  CT4i Series  
Features: Anti-microbial casing   Features: Easy maintenance  Features: Intensive printing

 Used for: Clinical environments

Used for: Logistics Used for: Healthcare and F&B.
 CW408    WS2   WS4  
Features: Built-in power Features: Anti-microbial   Features: User-friendly
 Used for: Places with space constraint.

 Used for: Healthcare

 Used for: Logistic 

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SATO standalone printers can print and store label information without connecting to computer.
TH2  TG3 Series FX3-LX
 Features : Anti-microbial casing Features : Printing thick tags (up to 0.33mm) Features : 7" touch screen, waterproof.

 Used for: Places with space constraint

Used for: Retail Tags Used for: Retail & Manufacturing tags

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As the world's largest supplier of OEM print engines, SATO provides solution with printers providing reliable performance for the most demanding, high duty-cycle applications globally.
(High Performance Print Engines) 

S84-ex / S86-ex  
(High Performance Print Engines)
M84 Series (High-Resolution Print Engines)
Features : Fast Print Speed and Throughput
Features : Fast Print Speed and Throughput
Features : Fast, accurate and cost-effective

Used for: Automation printing

 Used for: Automation printing

Used for: Automation printing

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SATO's Mobile printers offers flawless and fast barcode label printing. 
Highly recommended for point-of-activity printing like Mobile Printing, Receipt Printing etc.
MB4 Series(4 Inch Label) PW2NX (2 Inch Label)
Features : Industrial design & programmable off Features : Simple operation with printer alert
Used for: Warehouse storage label, Healthcare patient identification  Used for: Warehouse storage label, Healthcare patient identification

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Please note that the following models are discontinued from our product line. 
Do check out the replacement for the respective models which offer an even higher assurance of quality.

 Name of Model  Range of Printer  Replacement Model
 S84 Series  Print Engines  S84-ex (Launch in 2015)
 CL608e/612e  Industrial Printers  CL6NX (Launch in 2015)
 CL408e/412e  Industrial Printers  CL4NX (Launch in 2014)
 LM408e/412e  Industrial Printers  CL4NX (Launch in 2014)
 GT4e Series  Industrial Printers  CL4NX (Launch in 2014)
 M5900RVe  Industrial Printers  CL4NX (Launch in 2014)

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